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Carmen is a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner.

​EFT (tapping) is a form of emotional acupuncture that uses finger tapping rather than needles. 

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Carmen Edwards, MA

Support & Wellness Coach.

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Carmen has an extraordinary intuitive gift. This gives her the ability to cut through the haze of negative emotions and get right t0 the core of my issues. Working with her, I’ve experienced upgrades and spiritual breakthroughs in a single session. Her gentle and loving personality makes it feel safe and easy to share what’s really bothering me so we can get to work. I highly recommend Carmen’s coaching!
                                                                              ~Sarah Grace Powers~



Carmen facilitated an exercise for me that took me through an energetic activation. I’ve been struggling to move forward with my business plan. All of my great plans and projects just stuck inside of my computer. So I started to work on grounding down much more with myself and my personal rituals. The exercise allowed me to open up all of my energy centers and see the missing link(s). Although it's all divinely timed, it was so clear that I lost sight and completely overlooked the need to connect the higher centers with the lower centers. My plan had nowhere to manifest and grow until Carmen guided me to access there. Then we created an action plan together so that I would actually apply it to my daily practice and have it birthed into existence. One that was unique and liberating to and for me. So much gratitude.”
                                                                            ~Smiling with love, Natalie~



Carmen is someone I consider a wise and compassionate coach and counselor. Her wisdom and thoughtful guidance have given strength to discover new paths to navigate many of life’s rapids. She has used and uses a variety of coaching methods—from energy work to tapping to careful listening—to advise and coach her clients through rough waters. She continually works to better herself and stay at the forefront of her craft and expertise. I’m a better person because of the work she has guided me to do for myself. I fully believe that she helps all her clients in significant ways to make their lives happier and more fulfilled.
                                                                                     ~Linda Oestreich~