Carmen Edwards, MA

Support & Wellness Coach

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Conscious Breathing

Emerge means to pull one's self up and out of the solidness of the earth - the physical world, so that we can center and grow. 

Thrive means that no matter how old you are 20, 40, 50, or even 90, there is an abundance of love, joy, and blessings waiting to be recognized and used as the mainstay of living, even when there are changes or losses. Emerge and Thrive means living from a place of awareness. It means recognizing who we indeed are; recognizing our purpose, our full potential, and the ability to actually “Do Life Differently” this time and the next time and the next……….

Emerge & Thrive

A huge ah-ha moment occurred in graduate school as I was faced with writing a paper on "how people change." My first thought was that perhaps this type of paper should be assigned closer to the completion of courses. But as I wrote, I realized that shifting from unconscious to conscious living is the "key" to change. I was inspired by what Einstein said. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thoughts that created the problems in the first place.” Consequently, awareness leads to information. It’s like a roadmap for us to follow as we find our way out of the depths of our troubles. This seemly simple in some ways, but “oh so difficult a task,” holds the information we need to do life “differently” and THRIVE. 

carmen's Story...

​After practicing as a licensed professional counselor for more than 25 years and thinking I was retired for good in 2009, I have rekindled an old commitment to help women like you. Now I facilitate change for you as a support and wellness coach.

That commitment is also a passion. It is a burning desire within me to support and teach women like you as you journey toward empowerment and transformation. That commitment is to stand by you and encourage you every step of the way as you work through the barrage of blocks and repeated patterns that hold you back and keep you from creating the life you desire.

Part of my program includes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - tapping. EFT is interactive, easy to learn, and easy to do on one's own. EFT allows both client and practitioner to work together, while both are tapping at the same time. Tapping not only disrupts negative energy in the energy system and body, but it also clears a path to uncover in-depth issues in a nonthreatening way. 

In addition to EFT, I am proficient in Matrix Reimprinting (MR). MR is a technique that takes EFT to a whole other level. It allows the client to tap on his or her younger self that experienced a trauma. After tapping on the younger self and relieving the trauma's energy, a new picture can be created and reimprinted into one of empowerment. In so doing, the trauma no longer has an impact or influence on the client's life. 

My training began with a master's degree in psychology and a specialty in marriage and family therapy - systems theory. 

Early in my career as a psychotherapist, I recognized an element was missing that was not alleviated by talking about and being aware of a problem. I realized that embedded in my client's energy system and body were issues that no amount of talking could dislodge. So I began exploring energy healing and implemented my new knowledge in the form of hands-on-healing within my practice. I was led to train with The Healing Touch Program, an international, multi-level educational program in energy based medicine therapy. 

I also studied with Peggy Huddleston, founder of "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster," a guide to a mind/body approach to dealing with surgery and other procedures, such as chemotherapy or radiation. This program, supported by research, has shown that through guided imagery, breathing and relaxation techniques, and affirmations, it is possible to not only heal faster, but studies have shown that there is less bleeding, fewer medications, and a faster recovery.

In 1995 I created Mindful Energetics, which encompasses all of my training. It is a unique approach to well-being, emphasizing how our mental and emotional energies affect our overall wellness and support unwanted and repeated patterns that obstruct our lives.

Whatever you are facing in life, I can help you on your journey. As a strong advocate for you and as a Support and Wellness Coach, I bring my work with former clients and my life experiences to support, teach, and mentor you so that you can sort out your life. So that you can gain an understanding of how to maintain and live at a greater depth and wisdom and

                                                                                       EMERGE & THRIVE!